What is EcoBuild?

EcoBuild is an international arena for cooperation between the industry, institutes and universities. Together we create products for a sustainable future by using innovative materials from forest resources and other renewable biomass. Our vision is to create entirely biobased materials and products for usage in the building industry; outdoors, indoors and in marine environment.

What is it that we do?

Manufacturing and usage of building materials stands for a large amount of the CO2 emissions in the the built environment. The idea of EcoBuild is to refine raw materials from forests or other bio-mass in order to create new innovative materials and products, especially for construction and furniture businesses. Our goal is to make all of the developed materials entirely biobased and resource-efficient, together with large as well as smaller businesses we work through all of the supply chain in order to achieve this goal.

Partners and how do I become one?

As a member of EcoBuild, we offer you a broad network consisting of Swedish and international partners. Ecobuild helps you create tailormade projects with a high level of flexibility where each single project that we have is created based on the needs of our partners.

Since the start of EcoBuild in 2007, more than 50 companies have taken part. The sizes of these companies cover the whole span from very small enterprises to worldwide concerns, each and everyone with a different background than the next. Are you interested in becoming a partner? Contact Marielle Henriksson, EcoBuild Manager.