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Ecobuild is an international arena for cooperation between the industry, institutes and universities. Together we create products for a sustainable future by using innovative materials from forest resources and other renewable biomass. Our vision is to create entirely biobased materials and products for usage in the building industry; outdoors, indoors and in marine environment.

Ecobuild is operated by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden).

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Due to GDPR we would like to inform you briefly of how and what data we collect from anyone using our website. Data security and privacy is very important to us and therefore we always try to limit the amount of data which we collect and also make sure to protect this data in the best way we can.


A cookie is a small file placed onto your device. It can speed up the loading time of a website you have visited before, enable certain functionalities such as auto-login or other customization based on previous visits.


We are using Google Analytics in order to get statistics from our website visitors. The collected data in the form of session cookies, is used only for statistics of general behaviour and cannot identify you as an individual. However, it does help us to get an idea of what specific pages might be popular or what could perhaps be improved.

As the cookies we collect cannot identify you as a person, there is no information to export or share. We only collect cookies if you agree to these terms by clicking the “Yes” button when visiting our website. If not then we will not collect any cookies.

Worth mentioning:

If you would like to completely avoid cookies, we recommend you to deactivate cookies or set your browser so that it will notify you before saving cookies.

Who we share your data with

For statistics, we store and therefore share cookies with Google (Analytics) in intervalls of 14 months after which they are removed automatically.

How we protect your data

We use anonymous data for our statistics. We use TLS-security for our website, which means all data between your computer and our server is encrypted. You can rest assured therefore that any information shared are in safe hands.


For questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact Alexander Hertzberg (RISE) who is in charge of this website. For any other question regarding Ecobuild, please contact or