Focus areas

EcoBuild consists of several different focus areas which are presented below.


The work in this area involves new types of coating systems derived from renewable resources (see fire protected surfaces, coil coatings), especially for exterior wood products and for modified wood. The coating surfaces, coating-substrate interfaces and interphases are characterized with spectroscopic analysis and with accelerated ageing and field testing activities.


New wood fibre composites with both thermoplastic and thermoset matrices are developed. We create durable composites with tailored properties. It is done by selection of fibre type and shape, polymer matrix, processing methods and fibre modification.


EcoBuild deals with development of biobased binders intended as alternatives to the current, petrochemical based binders for panels, boards and engineered wood products. This area also focuses on the development of panels, boards and engineered wood products as well as evaluation of such.

Wood modification

The area focuses on techniques for modification of wood and fibres, such as acetylation, furfurylation and thermal modification, in order to improve decay resistance and other properties. RISE’s unique test bed for modification of wood, using microwave technology, is utilized for modifying wood in dimensions from fires to lumber.


The durability of materials and products are evaluated from different aspects, such as resistance to decay by microbes (fungi and bacteria) and attack by insects and marine borers, fire resistance, weathering (UV and moisture) and chemical stress. The durability is evaluated in accelerated laboratory set-ups and field tests combined with mechanical testing, microscopic analysis and chemical analysis.